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Who is Twinmotion for?

Architect, urban planner, space planner, interior designer, developer, landscaper, owner…

From cultural heritage to geography, from urban planning to archeology, from cost-benefit analyses to marketing and sales — all the stakeholders in the architecture, construction and planning world now have access to a tool that could only be imagined a few years ago.


To communicate an entire project down to the details of all types of projects, including large-scale infrastructure projects (airports, stations, shopping centers …); to explain the phasing of your project, its impact and its integration into the environment, an interactive presentation from Twinmotion is a key asset. It’s also an excellent tool for training teams and outreach tocustomers.


Twinmotion is the essential tool for all those who wish to present their urban design or landscaping project in a realistic and life-like environment.

Twinmotion allows you to create, manage, and display all types of spaces, from the smallest to the largest.


With dedicated tools to carve or paint a landscape, graphical tools to randomly add vegetation to large areas, or path creation tools for characters and vehicles, Twinmotion is the essential tool for all those who wish to represent their urban or landscaping project in a realistic and living environment. All models are animated, trees and 3D grass react to wind, adapt to the seasons, the waves are animated, the crowd is walking….


Twinmotion offers total, realistic and real-time immersion in all types of projects.

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