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Piranesi 6, piranesi

Piranesi 6 Pro is an exceptional artist's impression tool designed to help creative teams around the world deliver breathtaking visualisations of everything from building and landscaping plans to product designs and animation storyboards.

Piranesi 6 Pro is an extremely rare commodity. Very few software applications, with such a low price-point, have the power to be a deciding factor in the winning of million pound contracts. Piranesi 6 Pro is such. In an environment where the highest quality presentation of ideas is critical we believe that it has no peer.

In any creative process for clients, the first presentation of ideas is vitally important. Efforts to get the client to see (and ultimately approve) the concept as a whole, rather than focusing on the detail, often result in the delivery of a loose, impressionistic visualisation of the finished building, landscaping plan or product.

Piranesi 6 Pro excels at turning your conceptual 3D models into wonderfully atmospheric, stylised and (most importantly) persuasive visualisations, with a whole host of effects to allow you to focus the eye and the attention to the key elements of your design.

Downstream, Piranesi 6 Pro is also adept at delivering both photorealistic and non-photorealistic renders of your fully-detailed images either for marketing use, planning applications or even award submissions.

Shipped as either Piranesi 6 the product deliver the following key benefits;

 - Generates highly effective renderings from simple models
 - Ensures more effective communication of ideas and concepts
 - Significantly reduces costs of production

Step 1
Use your preferred modelling package to create and save a simple geometric model. Select your viewpoint and lighting, then render.
Piranesi accepts output directly from most popular rendering applications. Alternatively you can transfer your model as a DXF file or 3DS file into the Vedute viewer (supplied with Piranesi) to create your initial image.

Step 2
Piranesi responds to depth and material information stored in each pixel, enabling you to work quickly and accurately as you "paint in space". You can use colours and tints, apply photographic or hand drawn textures, and add backgrounds and supporting detail. Feedback is instantaneous, allowing you to test options and steadily refine your image.

Step 3

The real fun starts as you begin to use Piranesi's intelligent painting tools in an expressive way, adding emphasis to your real areas of interest and relaxing focus in others. Develop your image as a soft watercolour or a clearly delineated etching. Each effect you invent can be stored as a style to be applied consistently to future images.

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