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SketchUp for iPad

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Create, edit, and mark up 3D projects anywhere with SketchUp for iPad. Start a free 7-day trial, or access the app with any paid SketchUp subscription


Built for working anywhere

Work doesn’t always happen in a traditional office setting; it happens on a job site, at home, or on the go. With 3D modelers purpose-built for iPad and web, SketchUp Go has the tools you need to get the job done no matter where you’re located. Quickly create in 3D with SketchUp for iPad, sync your projects to the cloud with Trimble Connect, and pick them back up using any device with SketchUp for Web. Working on the go has never been easier.

From sketchpad to SketchUp for iPad



Generate concepts quickly

Design quickly and easily on your iPad using smart drawing tools or sketch directly on top of 3D models with the Apple Pencil.

Bring in real-world context

Pull in satellite imagery for site context, texture models by taking photos with your camera, and import pre-made components of real products from 3D Warehouse

Mark up digitally

Streamline design reviews by marking up 3D models on your iPad where your feedback is consolidated in a singular 3D project.

Drive the project forward

Keep project stakeholders moving in the right direction by sharing design details and critical changes to the cloud with Trimble Connect


Wow-worthy presentations

Fly stakeholders through designs using SketchUp for iPad or SketchUp for Web and capture design feedback in real-time by iterating in 3D. To take it up a notch, toggle on AR mode and truly bring the design to life for clients. For stakeholders who want to access models on their own devices, they can view 3D projects on iOS and Android viewer apps for free.

Create when inspiration strikes

Brilliant ideas don't always hit you when it’s convenient — but a mobile 3D drawing space makes it possible to get work done wherever you are.


Cut confusion with 3D collaboration

Reduce the back-and-forth between stakeholders by collaborating in 3D on the job site. Zoom in on construction details, take precise measurements, and mark up on-site issues in 3D from your iPad. All feedback is stored in the cloud, so the team can stay coordinated and keep the project moving forward together.

Sketch anything in 3D. Simple.

With support for Apple Pencil, multi-touch gestures, and of course, mouse and keyboard, you can easily draw, swipe, and click to give form to your creative vision.


Mark up & move projects forward

Quickly redline 3D models, make field edits on the fly, and sync all of your changes to the cloud to keep stakeholders aligned while on the go.

Unpack your toolkit



SketchUp for iPad
Capture your inspiration when it strikes with intuitive, portable 3D tools.


Add Photo Texture
Import custom photo textures using your iPad’s camera.


Bring in real-world context
Model straight in your web browser with the streamlined version of our desktop app.


AR viewing
Experience your designs on-site using augmented reality viewing on your tablet or phone.



Experience the thrill of sketching in 3D with smart tools that auto-magically turn doodles into a wide range of 3D shapes and configurable objects.


Web-based collaboration tools

Keep projects on track with a wide range of file sharing and project management tools from Trimble Connect.


Markup mode

Create conceptual illustrations and annotate and redline models in 3D.


Cross-device file syncing

Pick up where you left off, no matter where you are or what device you’re on with automatic file syncing across web and iPad apps.

Features you’ll love



Just Draw mode
As simple as sketching with pen and paper, create in 3D using your Apple Pencil.


AR viewing
Situate your 3D model in the physical environment using AR mode, and see your designs from a whole new perspective.


Doodle something with an Apple Pencil (or your fingers!) and watch it come to life in 3D.


3D Warehouse
Speed up your design workflow by downloading from our library of over four million pre-built models, including foliage, fixtures, appliances, and furniture.


Markup mode
Mark up drawings and overlay annotations in 3D with different styles, colors, and strokes.


Add Photo Texture

Import imagery and add real-world photo textures using your iPad’s camera.


Live Components

Rapidly prototype in 3D by pulling in parametrically configurable models from 3D Warehouse.

Unleash your creativity

SketchUp for iPad is the most accessible bridge for designers who have always dreamed of creating in 3D. Mark up designs, reimagine ideas, present the final concept, or start a project from scratch with the ease of drawing by hand. Take your design process up a notch in new, exciting – and mobile – ways.


Always connected

A robust integration with our cloud-based collaboration platform, Trimble Connect, keeps files in sync across devices so you can move seamlessly between SketchUp for iPad, SketchUp for Web, and SketchUp Pro desktop design apps. Whether you’re connected to high-speed internet, or you’re working offline, take your work with you wherever you go.

See it in action

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