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Style Builder

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We put the Sketch back in SketchUp

Only SketchUp Pro includes Style Builder, a tool for creating one-of-a-kind, sketchy-edge Styles for your SketchUp models.

Turn hard-lined computer drawings into approachable sketches.

Help your audience see the big picture by removing just the right amount of detail from your drawings. Hand-drawn sketches add nuance and personality to a concept, which can help to convey meaning or set the tone for an idea.

Make your models and drawings a part of your visual brand.

When you create a custom Style and apply it to your SketchUp model, no one else in the world is able to make models that look like yours. Your models and drawings will be totally unique.

Turn any stroke into a custom Style.

Scan in, photograph or draw the strokes you want to use. Sketchy-edge Styles can be based on anything: wavy pencil lines, quick pen strokes, marks from a fat stick of graphite. If you can see it, you can turn it into a Style.

Think you might need the power of SketchUp Pro?

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